What Happened While Decorating The Christmas Tree…

Last night while I was putting up the Christmas tree, I could not stop thinking about a giant tree I saw on my way home from work.  The tree was so tall that you could see it through the window of a beautiful house in a very nice neighborhood. Suddenly, I realized that thinking about that giant tree was making me under appreciate and not enjoy my own Christmas tree. This confirms that phrase that says “the more we have the less we enjoy things” uh!

I think each tree is beautiful! It does not matter how tiny it is.  It came to my memory those little Christmas trees from back home in Colombia.  They seemed to be made out of plastic wires, but to me they were the most amazing trees ever! Right at that moment, I knew God was taking the blindfold out of my eyes and was giving me the gift of appreciating my Christmas tree exactly the way it is.  My tree with its old ornaments, its size, and even the Santa Claus that lost one of his arms already because of naughty Ana. This was definitely the first present I received this Christmas.  Do you appreciate your Christmas Tree, do you realize that tree can represent your own life?


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